Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization



WHEREAS: Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 showcases the importance of building a thriving economy that is supportive and motivating for entrepreneurs. Saudi Arabia today is providing a nurturing environment to support and empower women in business promoting and celebrating their entrepreneurial spirit that is encouraging for them in building on their education, careers and business aspirations.

WHEREAS: Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization, Inc., a not-for-profit organization founded by Wendy Diamond, is working to empower over four billion women globally, including the over 250 million women living below the poverty line. Today, thousands of influential local, national and global leaders will convene to highlight the unique struggles of women entrepreneurs and how they overcame them to create successful businesses. November 19th is the official day our global ambassadors convene business leaders, civil society and governments to find solutions to empower Women in business. The WED Ambassadors around the world around the world host events in their local communities alongside our global event held in the Delegates Dining Room of the United Nations, bringing together ambassadors, member and supporters to achieve mission. We hope that prioritizing this effort will encourage even more women to innovate and create prosperous businesses worldwide.

WHEREAS: The Council of Saudi Chambers is an active partner that is committed in supporting the development of the business infrastructure and needs for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in realizing the Saudi Vision 2030 in business diversity and entrepreneurial development and excellence. Working to enhance the business opportunities for women entrepreneurs across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in all business aspects and aspirations we are proud to be part of a strategic global movement that supports, celebrates and empowers women from an education and economic spectrum. and support the continued accomplishments of women entrepreneurs. As the voice of the business community through the chambers of commerce and entrepreneurship committees across the country today women in business are an integral component and play an active role as members, partners and decision makers in our organizations.

We are proud to stand here today to commemorate the amazing achievements of our entrepreneurs and the future they have outlined in opening avenues of business development and excellence.

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