ICC Chairperson Praises Robust Saudi Economy Under Capable Leadership


As the nation celebrates the third anniversary of the accession of King Salman bin Abdulaziz, Chairperson of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) at the Council of Saudi Chambers, and representative of the World Chambers Federation in G20, Yassin Al Srour, praised the significant shift in the Kingdom across various fields under the Saudi leadership, whose unyielding support has sustained these developments.

Al Srour stated: “On this occasion, we are reminded of the many blessings this country has given us throughout the years, in all walks of life, and the continued progress in all fields.”. He commended the Saudi leadership’s endeavors to face an ever-changing world economy, including the launching of the Saudi Vision 2030 which aims at restructuring and diversifying national economy in non-traditional ways.

Al Srour added that the non-stop achievements and initiatives taken during the last three years are an indication of greater things to come, starting with the announcement of the state budget for the year 2018 – the largest in the Kingdom’s history yet. The budget will expand expenditures on development projects that benefit the Saudi people and private sector, which will foster the robustness of Saudi economy and enable it to standup to emerging challenges.

The ICC Chairperson praised the economic policies and mechanisms adopted by the Kingdom to achieve the Financial Balance Program and Saudi Vision 2030, namely, job creation, involvement of women in the national economic development process, and spending on tourism, entertainment, and housing. Per Al Srour, economic indicators look positive for 2018 in light of the new budget.

Al Srour further elaborated that there will be comprehensive development projects, accompanied by reform endeavors, including combating corruption, monitoring disbursement of public funds, and rationalization and diversification of sources. He added: “King Salman is an esteemed figure, locally, regionally, and internationally, due to his political and cultural expertise and his vast historic knowledge, which makes him an influential leader of a country that holds a special place in the international arena, especially with the significant shift currently taking place under his leadership in various fields in the Kingdom.”

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